Internet Solutions International ‘ISI’ established its Call Center

in May 2000, nearly 13 years ago. Servicing Amtrak initially, ISI

has since been providing call center services for the federal

government, businesses, consumers and for the hospitality highspeed Internet access (HSIA) industry. Offering a broad range of call center services, ISI often supplements its programs by adding toll-free services, custom greetings, credit-card processing, project consulting, outbound calling, answering services, third-party recommendations and more.



outsource resource

As an ‘Outsource Resource’, ISI seeks to model and tailor its

services to fi t the corporate culture of its clients. ISI’s primary

intent is to assist with client goal achievement. Accordingly, rules of engagement can be defi ned either by the client or presented via an ISI proposal, one based on previous experience and proven policies. Microsoft’s Sharepoint CRM system is at the root of ISI’s operation, enabling thorough, fl exible and complex management of data. Sharepoint, the primary communication mechanism between ISI and its individual clients, is not only a knowledge base, a source of hot notes, but most importantly, it affords ISI the functionality to

perform the essential tasks of call logging, tracking and reporting.


ISI is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Calls can be answered by live bodies, without call queue waits, or calls can be managed using a custom call-queue, whichever is preferred. ISI understands the pain of change..... all customers realize a signifi cant value when experiencing the seamless migration and integration of your call center into the ISI organization.

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